This is a neat little HTML preprocessor from Giuseppe Gurgone. It has very few features, but one of them is HTML includes, which is something I continue to be baffled that HTML doesn’t support natively. There are loads of ways to handle it. I think it’s silly that it’s been consistent needed for decades and it seems like HTML could evolve to support it. So anyway, enter another option for handling

What is extra neat is that it’s not just includes, but templating with includes in a really clean way. If this was Nunjucks, they solve that by creating a template.njk like…

{% block header %}
  This is the default (overridable) header.
{% endblock %}

  {% block footer %}
    This is the default (overridable) footer.
  {% endblock %}

And then your actual pages use that template like…

{% extends "parent.html" %}

{% block footer %}
  Special footer for this page.
{% endblock %}

In xm, the syntax stays HTML-y, which is nice. So this template.html

<slot name="header"></slot>

  <slot name="footer"></slot>

…gets used on a page like this:

<import src="template.html">
  <fill name="header">Custom Header</fill>
  <fill name="main">
    <p>Custom footer</p>

Very clean. The additional fact that you can arbitrarily chuck a <markdown> tag anywhere you want and use Markdown within it is extra handy.

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